Alex Boronowski
Exploration & Mining Geologist
Computer Services - For the Mining Industry

Mineral Exploration Geologist
+20 years of experience with major and junior companies in  North and South America, Asia, Europe.  Knowledge base encompasses different deposit types, base and precious metal commodities.

Mining Geologist
Experience includes exploration, development and Chief Geologist at a 200 tpd. gold mine.

Business Development Consultant
Experience gained within a middle tier gold mining company.

Computer Services
Technical support and programmer/analyst within a networked and multi-platform environment.

Qualifying Reports

Property Examinations and Fieldwork

Project Management

Contracts/Exploration Proposals

Resume and References available

Alex J. Boronowski,
P.Geo., B.Sc., FGAC.
Diploma in Computer Systems Management

3741 St. Andrews Avenue,
North Vancouver, B.C., V7N 2A6

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