I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I have been researching my family lines now since 1985. Tracing back from my Father's family has brought me sucessful results. However, I'm having some difficulty in tracing back from my Mother's family. My Father is Ralph 'Rodney' Keighley and my Mother is Ivey 'Irene', her maiden name is Humphries. When I was eleven years old my Mother remarried and my Stepfather adopted my brother and I, so my name changed from Keighley to Daykin.
         The families I am searching on my Father's side are: Keighley, Drew, Prettejohn, Timothy, Moysey, Lang and Cassanett. The families I am searching on my Mother's side are: Humphries, Ivey, Johns, Thomas and Jones.
        The Keighley family originally came from Normandy and settled in the county of Yorkshire, England. There is city in Yorkshire called Keighley. The Drew, Lang and Prettejohn families are found in the county of Devonshire, England. The Keighleys and Drews came to Canada in 1880 and settled in Treherne, Manitoba, Canada.
        The Humphries family originally came from Normandy also and settled in several English counties. My Humphries family is from Herefordshire, England. They emigrated to Canada in 1907. The Ivey family is from the county of Cornwall, England. The Thomas and Jones families are from Wales.


My Background

      I was born in Victoria, B.C. and I have lived here all my life. I went to Beacon Hill School, (grades one, two and three), South Park School for grades four and five, Lampson Street School for grades six, seven and eight. I attended Esquimalt High School for grades nine, ten, eleven and twelve. After completing High School in 1957 I took up an apprenticeship in the electrical trade. I started to research my family lines around 1985 and have been active in this up to the present.


Keighley, Ralph 'Rodney' (my Father)
Drew, Alice (my Grandmother)
Drew, Walter (born 1793, my Great Great Grandfather)
Prettejohn, Maltilda Jane (my Great Grandmother)
Timothy, Augustus Frederick (my Great Grandfather)
Moysey, Susanna (my Great Great Grandmother)
Lang, Margaret Jane (my Great Great Grandmother)
Ivey, Josepha (my Great Grandmother)
Johns, William (my Great Great Grandfather)
Thomas, Margaret Ann (my Great Grandmother)
Jones, David Matthew (my Great Grandfather)
Cassanett, Jane (my Great Great Grandmother)
Humphries, Ivey 'Irene' (my Mother)


        My sources of research include: LDS Family History Center - Census - Birth, Death and Marriage records and most important, family records found in photo albums and bibles.  If anyone thinks they are connected to any of my families I would be very interested to hear from them. I am willing to share my research with anyone who is interested.

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