Review of passenger Railways in Canada

 I have ridden all the passenger /scenic trains in western Canada (Alberta/B.C.) + several Via trains across Canada, nearly all during 1997. This review is based on notes made during these trips. If you would like to see for yourself the fabulous scenery and service join us for our 1998/1999 railtours (or do it yourself), contact me for more info. nearly all of the western railways listed below are on our tour schedule. I also carried the video camera for most trips and tapes are available providing an overview of the rail trips.

The following is by order of personal preference the best rail rides in Western Canada; please note all of the rail rides listed are spectacular trips in their own way there is not one on the list that I would not recommend for seeing the Best of Canada. They are listed with Name of the railway just click on highlighted areas to go directly to the railways web site. Following is trip origin and destinations/ one way or return, date that I rode them. Having had a ride on everything this year I feel I have enough info. for comparison. There is a great variety of scenery and service represented here many are very close in order of preference. Selection was based on personal experience with scenic views, service, entertainment, food quality; (but cost not being a factor). As time allows I will list more details about the trips at the end of this file.

The following is a list of all railways that are at least a half days trip most 1 to 2 days.

Note be sure to see our review of our one month trip across Canada on Via Rail , or visit this commercial site for a summer trip across the Country on Via rail

The following are very short steam train trips in order of preference;

The following are commuter services that offer quick, cheap, comfortable and very scenic views, well worth a quick trip!

Other Rail sites of interst:

Links and information on passenger railways around the world

Trains Canada the most complete list and links of anything to do with Railways in Canada

Candle Creek Northern Railway, Clearwater B.C. (north of Kamloops) 1/8th scale miniature railway 1/4 mile track, open June, July, August weekends.

Old News - In 1887 the 1st train across Canada from Montreal arrived in Vancouver pulled by engine #374. This historic steam engine has been restored and is now moved to a permanent display site . ???'s 374 info. 374 is now located next to the Roundhouse where you can see it during Community Center hours. A new glass building next to the Roundhouse has been built to house engine 374. It made one last run onto the turntable, turntable was realigned and 374 moved out a bit where 2 cranes lifted it and then the tender onto a new track into the new building. E-mail me to view photos of the move or I can show you video of the move over the internet! see it in person see Roundhouse Community Center details!

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Tips Guides to Rail travel around the world; Trailblazers Publications has excellent books on rail travel around the world, they contain all the information you ever wanted to know and are worth the money if considering a rail trip or travel. Contact them for books on Rail travel in; Japan, Canada, Trans-Siberian, Siberian BAM, Silk Route, Vietnam, + several books on trekking around the world. or write Trailblazer, The Old Manse, Tower Rd, Hindhead, Surrey, GU26 6SU, UK or call them at 01428-605797, in Canada you can order their publications from; the Canadian distributor - Raincoast Books in Vancouver B.C. (tel 604-323-7100), 8680 Cambie St, V6P 6M9 and the US distributor Seven Hills (tel 513-381-3881) 49 Central Ave, Cincinnati. Ohio, 45202.

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