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A pictorial and textual Web Site describing the diversity of Dennis & Renee Lapierre's Habitat Farm. It contains information about what we grow and what we sell. It shows what we think are important and necessary contributions for the rehabilitation of the Salmon River.

Entrance to Habitat farm

Our principal commodity is sheep. We raise a flock of registered Clun Forest sheep. We sell breeding as well as meat stock. We use their wool to produce hooked woolen products; saddle pads, bedside rugs, chair pads, and the like. We maintain a gallery atop one of our two barns for the display and sales of our own wool products, locally made knitted goods, a range of locally made pottery, and wool blankets made for us by MacAusland's Woolen Mills Ltd. of Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Dennis used to make saddle pads by hand; lots of them, using a latch hook. Latch hooking is an old craft, and the best horse saddle pads are made by latch hooking wool roving into burlap. He's semi-automated the process, but for those of you who wish to try your hand at making your own, there's a step by step tutorial included in this site. Please don't hesitate to Email us if you have any inquiries about Habitat Farm, the products produced and the activities that occur here.

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