Habitat Farm Raises Clun Forest Sheep


We've raised Clun Forest sheep for 10 years. Our original stock came from Don Spicer of Cochrane, Alberta. All subsequent new stock has come from only two sources; the Homebank flock of Angus Rouse in Debert, Nova Scotia (recently retired from sheep production), and the Meadow flock of Deena Meadors in Manning, Alberta. Before his recent retirement from sheep production, Angus Rouse's Homebank flock was the key Clun flock in Canada, if not North America. My friend Deena and I have cooperated in our sheep production endeavors for many years. We maintain a high standard of flock health on Habitat Farm, through good practice and regular blood testing for various disease. Our flock is on the Ovissey Sheep Improvement program. Further information about the Ovissey program can be found by turning to our Links page. Habitat Farm has breeding stock for sale. We have established ourselves with buyers in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, and California. Feel free to Email Us if you wish more information.



Habitat Farm Clun Forest Rams
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