2002-2003 Flamenco Projects by Oscar Nieto

Mozaico Flamenco & Caravan World Rhythms presented

Lola Montes & the Art of Spanish Dance

Lola Montes

* a retrospective on the history of flamenco and Spanish dance in North America

* lecture by flamenco master Oscar Nieto

* rare achival films

* January 19, 2003, 7:00 p.m.

Flamenco RecitalAl Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy
Christmas Recital 2002

Shadbolt Centre for the Arts came alive with the rhythms of flamenco Friday, December 13, 2002 at Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy’s second semi-annual recital. The program included a range of flamenco song styles danced by the Academy students, guitar accompaniment by Tocaor Jake Lee, Cantaor Oscar Nieto, Palmistas Kasandra, Shyiang and Elysia. (Click on either photo to enlarge.)

Kasandra Lea and Oscar Nieto onstageThe performance featured flamenco dance students from the beginner, intermediate and specialized classes who worked tirelessly since September. All choreography was by Kasandra and Oscar Nieto (shown at left). Also featured were our extended flamenco family including aspiring flamenco singers, guitarists and professional artists from the Lower Mainland. Mozaico Flamenco is committed towards building a strong, supportive flamenco community and providing opportunities to show off this growing talent. Lastly, a special thanks to Jake "El Chinito" who came all the way from Victoria to inspire us!

Video Clips: Click on image to download
(high-speed only / large file size!)

sevillanas clip

Sevillanas Clip (32 seconds, 5.6 mb)
Al Mozaico Flamenco Academy Students


Bulerias Por Fiesta Clip (43 seconds, 7.7 mb)
Kasandra Lea, Oscar Nieto and Al Mozaico Flamenco Academy Students


Solea Por Bulerias Clip (41 seconds, 7.3 mb)
Kasandra Lea


Solea Por Bulerias Clip (38 seconds, 6.7 mb)
Kasandra Lea

Past Events: 2000 — Poemas de Alegria

Poemas de Alegria

Choreographed by: Oscar Nieto

Additional choreography by Deborah Greenfield (Danza Flamenca)

Premiered at the Dance Arts Academy
Los Angeles - Fall, 2000

Deborah GreenfieldThe choreography was inspired by reading Federico Garcia Lorca’s latest biography "A DREAM OF LIFE" by Leslie Stainton. According to some of Ms. Stainton’s research, during his tenure as artistic director of the theatre company La Barraca, Lorca was always reworking his theatrical ideas and poetry. He would often put together poems that he had written at different times in his life or re-write material as the tours progressed.

DancersI had learned a number of contemporary Alegria cantes (songs) and was choreographing them as studies for my dance students but didn’t quite know what to do with them. After reading the biography I came up with the idea of threading some of these dance studies together using the poetry of the songs as a loose choreographic guide - one of the songs is a Lorca poem. The choreography is still a work-in-progress, and maybe will continue to be. I find the idea of reworking a choreography like this very appealing. It will keep it fresh and be able to take in new poems and letras (verses).

A note on La Barraca: La Barraca was theatra group that was sponsored by the Republican Government of Spain in the early 1930s. It was an attempt by the government and Lorca to bring art and literature to the "people" (el pueblo). A barraca is a makeshift wooden stall that typically houses puppet shows and other performances at village fairs.


February 6, 1998 (Vancouver Canada)

(Review by Roxanne Davies:) “The evening was divided into two segments: the first part entitled ‘Soniquete!’ featured traditional and contemporary flamenco music and dance featuring Mozaico Flamenco under the direction of Oscar Nieto. Soniquete is a term that describes the subtle musical feel or groove that is communicated by flamenco artists in tune with the rhythms of the art form.” Read more...

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