This is the heart stuff...I've not done very 
  much with these pages for a long while. 
  Life, they say, is what happens to you when 
  you're doing other stuff. 

  Nor have I made any new fonts...but I've 
  got a few on the go, but no promises. So 
  these are the same old fonts in a new 
  package (actually they're in the same old 
  package).The web page package,however, 
  has been redesigned...a design that 
  comes from months of surfing the web & 
  seeing pages that I thought were well 
  made & very attractive). 

  Anyway, enough rambling... click on the font 
  names (on the right) and your browser will 
  take you to a display page where you can 
  download them in a zip file (you have to 
  unzip them & if you've got this far you should 
  be able to figure it out) and, finally, for you 
  Mac users they're here  (I know nothing 
  about've got to unpack their 
  suitcase or something, so I'm told). 

 Typography & Font links  
            are here. 

 If you enjoy these fonts or use them anywhere please
e-mail  me.
I would  enjoy hearing from you. So far I've only received a couple
of emails in response to these pages.
These pages were updated in October of the year 2000.