This is the soul page...really it's just an idea invitro.
Not much here really. I had thought about doing a  literary webzine
& the closest I got was doing a few covers...who knows maybe one day (with help).
So here's a few of the covers (click on them for a larger illustration):
Anyway, while this idea continues to evolve, you could check out some of my favourite online literature (& come back to this page never know!):
Jacket magazine homepage
Big Bridge
Oyster Boy Review
 This is the webspace where FlashPoint  used to be (a bit of controversy!):
This is their site now:
Dalkey Archive Press: CONTEXT
it ain't all that literary but it's fascinating:
For links to a lot more literary stuff check out:
Electronic Poetry Center Home Page
Didn't some Jung guy call this sychronicity?
from a recent issue of Vancouver Magazine
...seems everybody has a thing about boxes!
If you like the idea of another literary webzine & you've got something you'd like to contribute send me your ideas