thru the Northwest Passage


During the summer of 2000 the R.C.M.P. coastal patrol vessel the St Roch II/Nadon escorted by the MV Simon Fraser re-enacted the historic voyage through the Northwest Passage of 1942 by the original R.C.M.P patrol vessel the St Roch. The St Roch II/Nadon and the Simon Fraser were the first vessels to navigate the Northwest Passage west - east and to circumnavigate North America in the year 2000.


MV Simon Fraser(left) the support ship.

St Roch II /Nadon(right)



MV Simon Fraser working through pack ice in the western arctic.


The St Roch II /Nadon working her way through icefloes in the western section of the Northwest Passage



The summer of 2000 was a very exciting period for many Amateur Radio operators. From July to September VE7QRZ, Peter Malacarne, operated aboard the MV Simon Fraser using the callsign VE0NWP ( North West Passage ). DX contacts were actively sought, as the Simon Fraser worked its way, across the top of the North American continent, through the NorthWest Passage, from the City of Vancouver on the west coast of Canada to Halifax, Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada.

Peter, VE0NWP Amateur Radio Operator aboard the MV Simon Fraser in the "Shack"

Despite the lack of advance notice to the Amateur Radio community about 800 contacts from 60 countries were made with the Simon Fraser during the voyage. The trip was filled with many fascinating experiences and for the Amateur Radio community two additional exciting opportunities developed. The activation of IOTA NA-193, Herschel Island in the western Canadian Arctic and, the activation of NA-047 Baffin Island in the eastern Canadian Arctic. Validation, by IOTA, for VE7QRZ/VY1, NA-193 and VE7QRZ/VY0, NA-047 was granted December 2000. QSL cards should be accepted for those who wish to pursue awards.




The MV Simon Fraser is a 40 year old ice breaker/ice strengthened hull and is one of two vessels to traverse the Northwest Passage west to east and circumnavigate North America in the year 2000. The Simon Fraser normally has duties as a navigation buoy tender with the Canadian Coast Guard, the ship was leased to the Vancouver Maritime Museum for the voyage.

During the voyage throught the Canadian Arctic the Simon Fraser was assingned the role of logistical support to the R.C.M.P. coastal patrol vessel the MV St. RochII/Nadon. The MV Simon Fraser was manned by an all volunteer crew. Both vessels join an elite group of surface vessels (about thirty) that have travelled the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans while circumnavigating North America.



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