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1788 New Brunswick Land Petitions

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
Memorial of Charlotte Blake
January 7, 1788

Exact Transcription of Content from the Original by Mary Lynn Smith


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Mirimichie 7th Jany. 1788

Honorable Sir

You have Desired me to Send a Certificate of what Cleared land was on No. 53 South side of the River but the man will not sign it for me as he means to try to get located for it himself after he Selling of it and Giving a Deed which Sir you have in your Office which is Drawn by Mr. Ledurney and Signed by John Wilson Esquire.

Honorable Sir I hope you will see me Justifyed in this affair and have me Registrate for said Lot as it seems to me that he have a mind to try cut me out of it after I buying of and paying for it.

Charlotte Blake


The Man Name is John Humphrys
Honorable Jonathan O'Dell



Honorable Jonathan O'Dell
Frederick Town

Mrs Blake - now married to Philip Hurlehay, Late Srgt.of P.Wales's Amr. Corps. asks to have No. 53 S.S. Miramichi sold by Jnn. Humphries - Humphries does not appear to have had any title to the Lot, either by improvements made by him or by any register in Council.

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