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1790 New Brunswick Land Petitions

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
Memorial of Phillip Hierlihy
July 7, 1790

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Exact Transcription of Content from the Original by Mary Lynn Smith shown below:

To His Excellency Thomas Carleton Esquire, Lieutenant

Governor & Commander in Chief &ca &ca &ca

Memorial of Phillip Hierlihy of Miramichie

Most Humbly Sheweth That your Memorialist is a disbanded Noncommissioned Officer of the (Late) Prince of Wales's American Regiment, that he has Thirteen head of cattle and no meadow ground to Support Them, That Your Memt. Lost Three Head of cattle last winter, for want of Hay.

That there is a tract of Vacant Marsh between the lot laid out for David Goodfellow ( Near Point au Car and Black River in Bay DeVin.

Your Memorialist therefore Prays your Excellency may be Please'd to order him a lot, or such proportion of the said marsh, as to your Excy may seem -? and your Memorialist, as in duty bound will pray.

Phillip Hierlihy


7th July 1790

The within nam'd Phillip Hierlihy is a very industrious man he has a handsome improvement and owns the Number of Cattle Specify'd in his memorial A.Wm. Nicholson D.S

Philip Herlihoy sold a lot near Black Rivr Miramichie for Hay for his stock. Survey ordered. G.S. S.G.

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