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1798 New Brunswick Land Petitions

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
Memorial of Phillip Hairlihy
September 20, 1798

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Exact Transcription of Content from the Original by Mary Lynn Smith shown below:

To His Excellency Thomas Carleton Esquire Lieutenant Governor and

Commander in Chief of the Province of New Brunswick

The Memorial of Phillip Hairlihy

Inhabitant of Miramichie

Humbly Sheweth, he having a Large Family (of Twelve) to support, and the land they now live on not being sufficient, the Fuel not sufficient for the consumption of one winter.

Prays His Excellency will be graciously pleased to Allot a tract of Land on the southside of the River Tabishan-Tack, commencing about two Miles from the Bay, of 200 acres each, -? To Phillip Hairlihy Senr, Phillip Hairlihy Junr, James Wm. Hairlihy, * John Blake, * Robt. Blake, -? * William Wishart, and further Pray his Excellency to allot 25 Acres of Salt Marsh to each Lot commencing on the part most convenient to said Lots.

And Your Memorialist as in Duty bound will ever pray

* 3 Stepsons

Phillip Hairlihy

20th Septr 1798

The Situation of the land and marsh above described is vacant - Note

Robert Blake has taken his Allotment on the North side of the River and improved it.

Geo. Sproule

Surveyr. Genl

Fredericton 8th - Feby. 1803

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