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1809 - 1 New Brunswick Land Petitions

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
Memorial of Charlotte Hierlihy
October 26, 1809

Exact Transcription of Content from the Original by Mary Lynn Smith

To His Excellency Martin Hunter Esqr Lieutnant Governor and
Commander in chief of His Majesty's Province of New Brunswick

The Memorial of Charlotte Hierlihy

most Humbly Sheweth That your Memorialist having been one of the first Settlers on Miramichie River and after many trying Difficultys brought up a numerous Family was obliged to remove from thence for want of Hay lands, at the time of her removal, the River Tabisisintack being entirely uninhabited by any English Settler, your Memorialists late Husband Phillip Hierlihy, thought proper to make a settlement on that river - your Memorialist begs leave to -? Your Excellency that is the lands surveyed -? -? By Dougal Campbell Esq in 1803 there is no Marsh, and that she is at present wholely Destitute of the means of Keeping any Stock, except your Excellency will be pleased to Grant her the privilege of the Hay, Grass on the Glebe Lot, untill such time as an Established Clergyman is settled at Tabusintack the same having been promised your Memorialist by D. Campbell Esqr at the time of Survey Hoping that your Excellency will be pleased to take your Memorialists Situation ino consideration, as in Duty bound will ever Pray

2th Oct. 1809 -

The lot Surveyed for Charlotte Hierlihi contains a large tract of Marsh and is rekoned one of the best Lots - there is a Marsh Lot annexed to the upland Lot reserved for a Glebe on which about 12 Tons of hay may be annually cut as reported to me.

G. Sproule

Charlotte Hierlihy asks permission to cut the Grass on the Lot reserved for a Glebe at Tabusintac.

In Council 27th Octr. 1809

Cannot be complied with.

26th October 1809

pd. 10 s.

Note from Mary Lynn Smith: The Petition does not appear to have the signature of Charlotte Hierlihy.  At the same time it is possible that the signature may have faded out.

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