Charlotte Taylor     Her Life and Times

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Genealogical and Historical Publications



Urquhart Genealogy - First Compilation
March 7, 1981

Based on genealogies compiled by Jane Logie Webster. 1974.


A General Introduction To Genealogical Research

British Columbia Genealogical Society. 1983.

Purves, Lee

Wishart Family Of Tabusintac

Cornwall, P.E.I. 1990.

 Kenneth C.

Duncan Robertson Genealogy

Plaster Rock, N.B.


Wolfe - Portraiture And Genealogy

Permanent Advisory Committee - Quebec House, University Press Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland. 1959.


Loyalist Lineages Of Canada 1783 - 1983

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A History Of St. Andrews United Church - The United Church Of Canada Tabusintac, New Brunswick

Tabusintac, N. B. 1975.

Avery, Mrs. Elva

A History Of Tabusintac

Tabusintac, N. B. 1978.


History Of Tabusintac

Grade Eleven - Tabusintac Rural High School, Tabusintac, N.B. 1960.


Tabusintac Old Home Week 25th Anniversary 1950 - 1975 History Of Tabusintac

Old Home Week Committee 1975, Tabusintac, N.B. 1975.

 Kimberley A.

Charlotte: Mother Of Tabusintac

Tabusintac, N.B. 1995.


And The River Rolled On - Two Hundred Years On The Nashwalk

Nashwalk Bicentennial Association. 1984.


It was Long Ago But Not Far Away

Bank of Nova Scotia Heritage Series Publication. 1984.


Loyalist House

N.B. Historical Society, Saint John, N.B.

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Those Days Are Gone - Queens County - New Brunswick 1643 - 1901

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Godfrey, William

The History Of Chatham

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 Howard (Editor)

Gubbins' New Brunswick Journals 1811 and 1813

N.B. Heritage Publication from the Original Manuscript, Kings Landing, N.B. 1980.

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