Charlotte Taylor     Her Life and Times

Genealogical and Historical Publications ]


Government and Tourism Publications


The Canadian Family Tree

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The Story Of Canada's Currency

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The Canadian Indian - Quebec And Atlantic Provinces

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 J. Clarence

Historical Guide To New Brunswick

N.B. Government Bureau of Information and Tourist Travel. 1944.


Prince William's Walk

City of Saint John, Saint John, N.B.


A Victorian Stroll - The Elegant Old Homes Of Saint John, New Brunswick

City of Saint John, Saint John, N.B.


Scotland: 1001 Things To See

Scottish Tourist Board, 23 Ravelston Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH4 3EU.

MacNutt, W.S.

New Brunswick And Its People

N.B. Travel Bureau.

McStay, Bill

Tracking The Scottish Warriors

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Orkney Tourist Board. 1986.


The Scottish Tartans

W. and A.K. Johnston Limited, England and Scotland.


Carleton Martello Tower - National Historic Site - New Brunswick

Parks Canada.


The Micmac Indians - The Kin Friends Of Cape Breton

Nova Scotia Tourism.


New Brunswick Historical Villages - Kings Landing And Acadian Village

New Brunswick Tourism.


The Loyalist Trail

City of Saint John, Saint John, N.B.

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