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New Brunswick Museum


New Brunswick Land Petitions - Northumberland County

Saint John Archives, Folder 48.

Ganong, W.F.

Additions And Corrections To
Monographs On The Place -
Nomenclature, Cartography,
Historic Sites, Boundaries And
Settlement - Origins Of The
Province Of New Brunswick

Royal Society of Canada, Contributions to the History of N.B., Number 7. 1906.

Ganong, W.F.

Indian Routes Of Travel In New
Brunswick - A Monograph Of
Historic Sites In The Province of
New Brunswick

Royal Society of Canada, Number III, Section 2. 1899.

Manny, Louise

Ships Of Miramichi

Historical Studies Number 10, Lingley Printing Company Limited, Saint John, N.B. 1960.

MacBeath, George

The Story Of The Restigouche

Royal Society of Canada, Historical Studies Number 8,. 1954.

Ganong, W.F.

A Monograph Of The Origins Of Settlements In The Province Of New Brunswick

Royal Society Of Canada, Contributions to the History of N.B., Number 6, Section 2. 1904.

Ganong, W.F.

A Monograpgh Of Historisc Sites In The Province Of New Brunswick

Royal Society of Canada, Section 2. 1899.


Map - Wilson's Point, Strawberry Marsh - 1785 - Surveyed by Daniel Micheau

Davidson Papers, Box X, Shelf 81.


Sketches Of Early Settlers In The Miramichi Area

Davidson Papers, Box V.

Manny, Louise
 ( Compiler)

Family Personal Papers, Miramichi Area Notes On The Miramichi - Taken From The Mercury, Extracts From The Court Of Quarter Sessions For Northumberland County

Davidson Papers.


Kent County - Early History

CB File.


Commodore George Walker

CB File.


Misellaneous Entries - Deaths

CB File.

Manny, Louise

Miramichi Fire - Early Days In Miramichi - Some Miramichi Historic Sites

CB File.

Manny, Louise

Pioneers Of The Miramichi - Calendar Of Entries In Registry Books Numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - Northumberland County Court House - Andrew Reid Registrar

CB File.


Loggie Family

CB File.


Hierlihy Family

CB File.


Loyalists Miscellaneous - American Manuscripts At The Royal Institution - Volume 20, Number 10 - List Of Loyalists 1783

CB File.


The Ledden Family

CB File.


Dr. Louise Manny

CB File.


William Wishart

CB File.


Mr. And Mrs. Robert C. Blake

CB File.


Epitaphs, Northumberland County, Wilson Point Cemetery - From The Telegraph Journal, An Old Cemetery By Reverend E. Rowlands

CB File.


Taylor Family

CB File..


Through Flame And Tempest - The Miramichi Fire 1825

CB File. The Youth's Companion. October 11, 1894.

  Hazel C.

The Story Of N.B.'s Black Settlers: 1700 - 1820

Journal of the N.B. Museum. 1979.


Miramichi Fire

Ganong Papers, Box 37.


Northumberland County Marriage Certificates

Shelf 52.


Innes - Rundle Manuscript - The History Of Miramichi

Ganong Manuscript Collection, Correspondance B, Box 1, Packet 2.


New Brunswick Settlement

Ganong Papers, I and II.

Ganong, W. F.

The History Of Tabusintac

Ganong Papers.


The Memorial Of John Schoolbred Of London-Merchant Enclosure In Letter Of January 17,1775 Campbell To Dartmouth

Ganong Papers, Box 32, Packet 3.

Ganong, W.F.

Boundaries Of N.B.

Ganong Papers.



Ganong Manuscript Collection, Box 8, Packet 1and Box 32, Packet 3..


Copy Of Oath Of Justices, Notes On the Highland Society Of Miramichi 1843 - 1868 From Miramichi Gleaner, Beaverbrook Correspondance

Louise Manny Collection, Boxes 3, 4 and 5, Shelf 119.


Marriages And Deaths

Louise Manny Collection.

Manny, Louise
 ( Compiler)

Scenes From An Earlier Day - 1. Records Of Northumberland County Court Of Quarter Sessions,Marriages/Deaths/Moorfield Cemetery Stone Inscriptions From The Union Advocate - 2. Linking The Past With The Present - 3. Black River And Its First Settlers By A.W. MacDougall

CB File.


Letter From Brigadier Fox To Officers Of Public Department's Officers Of Corps And Others Within The District

CB File, Letters.


Letter Unsigned To Dr. Ganong - Tabusintac, June 5, 1905

CB File , Letters, Typescript Supplied by Department Canadian History.


Letter Fom Moses Perley Esq - Burnt Church Point, October 4, 1845

CB File, Letters, C 18, Page 115.


Letter Of Ralph G. Blake - September 21, 1971

CB File, Letters.


Miniature Of Captain Hervey Smyth 1734 - 1811 And Burnt Church On The Miramich 1758 - Line Engraving After A Drawing By Captain Hervey Smyth

Exhibit, N. B. Museum.

Beckwith, J.A.

A Census Of The Population Of New Brunswick In The Year 1840

N.B. Museum.


Benedict Arnold In New Brunswick - A Collection Of Articles And Essays

Canada Summer Works Grant, Material Gathered by N. Schell, M. Gormley, and S. Dimock. 1983.


Colonial Grace: New Brunswick Furniture

Exhibit, N. B. Museum.


Shipbuilding In New Brunswick

Unpublished Manuscript.

  Reverend   Arthur

History Of Neguac

Unpublished Manuscript, Translated From French by Louise Manny.


Census 1851: 44B - Alnwick Parish Lower District, 44A - Alnwick Parish Upper District

N.B. Museum.


N.B. Biographies - Hierlihy

Markham Scrapbook.

Markham,   G.H.

Marrages And Deaths

Markham Scrapbook, Shelf 78.

Markham, G.H.

Extracts From The Journal Of General Sir Martin Hunter - Colonel Commanding The 104th N. B. Regiment - Printed Edinburgh Press 1894, Copied August 1939 By H. Gunn

Markham Scrapbook


Documents Relating To Sunbury County - David Burpee's Diary

N. B. Historical Society, Volume 1, The Daily Telegraph Steam Book and Job Print, Saint John, N.B. 1894.


Incidents In The Early History Of Eastern And Northern N.B. By W. O. Raymond, Benjamin Marston's Journal, Commodore Walker

N.B. Historical Society, Volume 4, Sun Printing Company Limited, Saint John, N.B. 1899.


Loyalists In Arms By W. O. Raymond

N.B. Historical Society, Volume 5, Sun Printing Company Limited, Saint John, N.B. 1904.


In the Days Of Pioneers By W.M.C. Gaynor

N.B. Historical Society, Volume 7, The Telegraph Publishing Company, Saint John, N. B. 1907.


Historical - Geographical Documents Relating To N.B. - The Official Account Of The Destruction Of Burnt Church, The Foundation Of Modern Settlement Of The Miramichi - Edited By W.F. Ganong

N.B. Historical Society, Volume 9, Barnes and Company Limited, Saint John, N.B. 1914.


Old Buildings - Things They Teach Us By D.E. Elkin

N.B. Historical Society, Volume 17, Lingley Printing Company Limited, Saint John, N.B. 1961.

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