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Photo taken at Progress Aero Works factory, Macclesfield, England
L-R. Paul Dranfield (webmaster), Paul Eifflaender, Tony Eifflaender and their machinists.

Which motor to use for Vintage or Open diesel combat in the Pacific North West?

P.A.W. Diesel engines have been in production for over 30 years. They are designed and manufactured by Anthony (Tony) and Gig Eifflaender at Progress Aero Works, Macclesfield, England.

P.A.W. engines have been designed to give modellers all the over world high-performance motors of robust construction with good life expectancy. There are 54 models available from (0.5cc) to (10cc) plain, single and double ball bearing, R/C or C/L.


The PAW 15 BR CT (single bearing) is the best buy and engine of choice for Vintage Diesel Combat and PAW 19 TBR for Open Diesel Combat. There's no reason to look elsewhere or pay more, although many other motors work equally well or even better if you can find them, if you can afford them or if you have good "tinkering" ability.
For instance, there are several Russian and Asian diesels which make fine vintage combat motors, but they all need dismantling and "fettling" to get the best out of them.
The PAW's are readily available at a reasonable cost and work well right out of the box. If you just want to "buy and fly", they are the way to go for this event.
To purchase the P.A.W. 15 BR CT and PAW 19 TBR diesel engines please contact Paul Dranfield at:


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