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Vintage Diesel Combat Report
Arlington, WA, April 12 2003

There's a new "Big Kahuna" in D/Bat with all the "King of Combat" bragging rights until the next skirmish, and his name is "John The Giant Killer".

It was a wet northwest morning as we set up rain shelters, line check and circle lines. Most of the "usual supspects" started test flying early, and round one started with a good pursuit match with Paul Dranfield's Chilton Warlord chasing John Morrow's regular Warlord every which way in a
very close match in the light drizzle. Paul prevailed 2 cuts to one plus air time. Dave Pellerin was in there with an Ironmonger and a Warlord and flew well against Mike Rule and Robert Smith, really finding "The groove". Chuck Matheny took on Milissa Huber with Milissa really putting on a show for the win. She was ON! Casey Rule and Jim Booker had a go at it, but Casey had too much ground time, giving Jim the win. 

By the lunch break the drizzle had really got heavy. After lunch it was plastic streamers in heavy rain for a while. The centre circle turned into slop. Casey Rule decided to really get into the heavy rain flying in his match against Paul. First slipping in the mud, and then rolling around in it whilst flying. A real combat "Mudder".

Mid-afternoon the rain finally quit for good and the finalists were decided. First semi had Paul against Robert Smith. Lots of action and good following, but no cuts, and a cruncher of a mid-air with Paul still flyable and Robert getting up after a radical tape job. Another smack-up and this time Robert's one-wing Warlord spun in on launch, giving Paul the win through to the final.

Second semi had John against Milissa in a very close match. Lots of action and John ahead 2 cuts to 1, but with more ground time. At the end of 5 minutes John was 13 seconds ahead to put him in the final. He was the first person to beat Milissa who had a string of victories up until this match.
The fly-off for 3rd-4th was Robert and Milissa. An extraordinarily close match. Plenty of action, cuts traded, and both down in "bounces". At the curfew it was cuts equal and ground times identical. It
was a tie.

The final: Big, bad "John The Giant Killer" looked quietly confident. Paul was ready, having already dispatched John in the opening match of the day. The horn went and both pilots went on the attack. Paul was flying all-out pushing hard to get the cuts staying right on John's tail. John made a mistake but Paul was too close and he took the lot, streamer and knot. Now Paul had to hide and John needed 2 cuts to nail the victory. John calculatingly set-up his moves timing a perfect pass for one
cut. A lot of following and "open-sky" flying to gain position kept both pilots on the alert. Paul was in full evasive action mode and managed to keep John just out of reach. But John "read" his strategy and timed a "cut-across" the top at just the right moment and took a small snip from Paul's streamer. And that was enough. John Morrow took the victory with a one cut margin. His first contest win in his "come-back" after a 37 year hiatus from flying.

Robert Smith generously sponsored the event supplying prizes for this one and future D/Bat gatherings. Way to go Robert!! Maria Huber did most of the timing and cut counting chores with Milissa and Bob Huber helping out too. Well done everybody. Mel Lyne kept things moving along.
Mike Rule won the draw for the "Pot" of cash, and the coveted "Best Crash" trophy went to Robert Smith for exceptional fortitude in "re-kitting" and repairing his model twice in one match! Cash and line sets went to 2nd and 3rd. And the winner, John Morrow, took home a new PAW, compliments of our sponsor, Robert Smith.

In spite of the rain I think everyone had a good time, so we'll just have to do it again with the weather a bit better. Next Vintage D/Bat contest is at the Regionals, May 23 at Albany, OR, followed by the "Big Money" Vintage D/Bat meet June 21 at Arlington, WA, and then a slightly faster "Open D/Bat" July 12 at Arlington, WA. 
See you all there!


1. John Morrow 4 - 2
2. Paul Dranfield 4 - 2
3. Milissa Huber 4 1/2 - 1 1/2
Robert Smith 2 1/2 - 2 1/2
5. Jim Booker 2 - 1
6. Dave Pellerin 1 - 1
Chuck Matheny 1 - 3
Mike Rule 1 - 3
9. Casey Rule 0 - 4

The following photo's were taken at the Vintage Diesel Combat contest at Arilngton, WA. USA, on April 12, 2003.






































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