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Vintage Diesel Combat (condensed rules)

1.1. Engine: Any production .15 c.i.d. maximum diesel having a single ballrace or plain bearing, non-schneurle, iron piston/steel cylinder. 

1.2 Only suction fuel systems are permitted.

1.3 The propeller must be a 8" x 6". 

2.1 Aircraft: A Nostalgia combat model must be a design which was in common use or kitted prior to December 31st 1970. It must have been designed for a .15 cu in engine.

2.2 Models must be an accurate plan view of the original. The following alterations are permitted:
Addition to or omission of sheeted areas. Omission of vertical fins.
Changes to airfoil or internal structure. Additional booms or substitution of wire for wood, or vice-versa. Recessing engine into leading edge. An upright engine mount may be changed to side mount. A balanced elevator may be changed to a conventional, and vice-versa. The elevator must retain the original outline. Such changes must be done using constructional techniques that were commonly used at the time the model was in use. Carbon, Kevlar or boron
fibre is not permitted. Modern adhesives and coverings are permitted.

2.3 The following alterations are not permitted:
Foam construction may not be used. Exterior controls may not be used.
Metal motor mounts may not be used. Any changes to the original plan view except those outlined in 2.2 are not permitted. 
The CD may decide to not accept a model which has been altered from the original design outline.

3.1 Pull test: 25 lb

4.1 Lines shall be a minimum .015" diameter, stranded type, with a length of 52'-3" measured from the handle grip to the fuselage, plus or minus 6 inches.

5.1 Speed limit: 64 mph = 7.0 seconds/2 laps towing a streamer.

6.1 Number of models. One model per match. 3 models maximum per contest.

7.1 Pit crew. Two pit crew are allowed per contestant. A contestant may
start his own engine.

8.1 Officials: A contest shall be run by a circle marshal who shall be the overall timekeeper, plus one scorer per contestant.

9.1 The match: One minute for engine starting and launching. The 5 minute match clock is started as the second plane launches or at the end of the one minute, whichever comes first. The match lasts 5 minutes.
Engines must be started by hand.

9.2 Scoring: One point is deducted for each second a contestant's plane is on the ground during the 5 minute match. 50 points are awarded for each cut of their opponent's streamer or string with knot. There are no kills.
The match shall continue after a mid-air collision or line break. Lines may not be changed during a match.

10.1 Contest Procedure: Each contestant shall compete in 5 rounds. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a loss. The top 4 flyers will then compete in 2 semi-finals and a final to determine the winner.

10.2 Combat Site: A 3 foot radius pilots circle and a concentric 65 foot radius safety circle. 


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