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Welcome to the World of E-Croquet

Developed by a fellow croquet addict, this game is a simple and effective
way to keep in touch with the strategy of the game while shut in due to the
unbelievable stretch of ultra-mega-crypto-heli-crappy weather we have been
experiencing in the Pacific Northwest of late.
I did the graphix and they are free from copyright

The rules are the same as for real croquet, whatever flavour you happen to
indulge in, USCA, Association, or Egyptian Golf.

Shots are made by first stating the intention of the striker
then throwing two coins, the outcome of which will determine the success
or failure of the shot.
One head and one tail = the shot is successful.
Two tails = the shot is missed.
Two heads = the shot is missed and something catastrophic happens.

{This process is under review as it is more than just a bit frustrating.
We are working on a way of using dice to determine the outcome of the shot.
Stay tuned to this page for the latest updates.}

Just scoop the image of the court below (only 12K) and email it
back and forth with accompanying text describing your shots.
Cut, Copy, & Paste the balls into their new positions using your
image editing program (don't have one, try
. . . ditto with the deadness board for USCA fans
and the clips to mark the wickets.

Give it a try and let me know what you think
or email the results of your first shot for a demonstration.
Link to my email below.

Example of game in progress, ecroq701b.gif . . .
Red to play.

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