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The Automobile is Mankind's Natural Enemy!

............. and you thought we didn't have one!

Association Rules v/s USCA Rules

A Comparative Analysis

Coming soon to a website near you!

If USCA Rules croquet is a game of cat and mouse,
then Association Rules croquet is a game of cat and cat.

The Joys of Swamp Croquet!

I sing the praises of Swamp Croquet
In the absence of carpetlike greenery.
The Swamp is a small corridor of Heavenly Peace
Though lumpy and sprarse and sloping Southerly
It sharpens the body and mind for The Game.

No more shall I curse at its Moss or its Buttercups.
They've lasted through many a brutal roquet.
Nor the Squirrels that dig up their peanuts by night
For they're doing their part to break up the clay.

*** News Flash ***

The metric system is totally stupid!


The metric system is totally stupid! I mean, really, what shmegging well difference does it make if you eat 100 grams or 109 grams of cheese? And when was the last time you got exactly 100 grams of cheese when you asked for it? And (further) when was the last time you heard any reference to metric measurement in popular song or verse?

Never, that's when.

And this is the reason: The human mind is not naturally inclined to resonate in decimal based frequencies. If it was, the rhythms and tonal scale of our music would not be based on 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, etc. Popular rhythms resolve themselves in 3s and 4s and combinations thereof. Waltzes, jigs, reels, rock, jazz, hiphop, rap, funk, R&B, blues, punk, techno-pop, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, etc. are all structured around 3s and 4s.

"Take Five" is the only popular song with a rhythmic phrase based on 5s.

The human ear has been cunningly engineered to detect the subtle overtones present in all complex sounds, the first twelve of which comprise the Western 12 note octave. We are instinctively quite capable of decyphering 12-based systems, unlike our frenetic binary friend, the computer.

A computer is capable of making "Yes/No" decisions, while we are cursed with the added dimension of "Maybe". Maybe that's why computers seem so pathetic and stupid sometimes. The poor things are not playing with a full deck. They are forced to deal with real world situations armed with only cyber-world deduction skills. No wonder they get frustrated and crash!

I could go on and on. As a matter of fact I think I just did.

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