Years ago, when I was a criminology student, I spent many hours writing about criminal behaviour for term papers. By the time I received my diploma, I realized I’d rather write crime fiction than work for the Criminal Justice System, a decision I’ve never regretted.

While I learned the craft of writing, I worked as a secretary for accountants, professors, lawyers, and a host of other interesting people and businesses. Many experiences from those years worked their way into TAXED TO DEATH, my first mystery novel.

When I left full time employment to raise my children, I used pockets of free time to develop short fiction while I kept working on novels. Needless to say, a number of my parenting experiences found their way into stories, essays, and anecdotes. Now that my children are older, I’ve returned to part time work in the retail world, and continue to write novels and short fiction.

;Some of the results include TAXED TO DEATH, featuring Revenue Canada Agency auditor, Alex Bellamy, and FATAL ENCRYPTION, which picks up eighteen months after Alex has been fired from RCA and is still between temp jobs.

My other series featuring public transit security cop Casey Brisseden, begins with DEADLY RESURRECTION, a tale of family deceit and present ramifications.

Recent short fiction that has appeared on line includes:

“Career Moves” in MegaPrintInk (an e-publication)
"Harley Dreams" in Sunpiperpress.com
“Lullaby of Broadway” in Long Story Short
“Simon Says” in Crossings: An Anthology of Cross Genre Fiction available from Double Dragon e-Books, ISBN 1-55404-118-X

Writing Awards include:

First Place short story, “The Taste of Peppermint” in NeWest Review, Fall 1998 Second Place essay, “Success and the Worthy Cause”, Success Wanted Contest, November 2002