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                              Martinsburg WV

    When public transit security officer, Casey Brisseden, finds herself being groped on the bus, she figures this is as exciting as her day’s going to get. She’s wrong. The same day, homicide detectives inform her that her father, Marcus, was murdered the previous night. Since she attended her dad’s funeral three years earlier, the news stuns Casey. Complicating matters is the stranger who’s been following Casey, the irritating new tenant living below her, and her estranged mother, Lillian.


“Debra Purdy Kong has got the right protagonist in Casey, a young woman with guts. The adventure begins immediately on page one and doesn’t stop – but you won’t want it to. DEADLY RESURRECTION is well-written, taut, and highly readable. The author brings to the novel her sophisticated insights into how humans tick, while her sense of what’s fun for the reader remains in control.” Edgar award winner G. Miki Hayden, author of Writing the Mystery.

“Mary Higgins Clark fans, the line begins here! You are about to discover a new first time author in Purdy Kong, one that will keep you flipping pages until the tale is spent, and then rush in search of her next intrigue!” Babs Lakey, Author of Spirit of the Straightedge, Spirit of the Silent Butler, Spirits of the Once Walking, Suspense Series.

“Welcome to Debra Purdy Kong’s Casey Brisseden, Vancouver transit security cop. In the tradition of Janet Evanovich and Sara Paretsky – a city comes alive and a gutsy heroine jumps in where her foremothers feared to tread.” Ellen Godfrey, author of By Reason of Doubt (true crime), and novels from her Jane Tregar series, Murder Behind Locked Doors and Georgia Disappeared. She’s also published three books for the Women’s Rescue Company series: Murder on the Loose; Murder on the Lover’s Bridge, and Murder in the Shadow.