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If you're like most of us your work isn’t getting any easier. Sometimes it is difficult to find the time to devote to the most important tasks because the urgent day to day issues get in the way. You are aware of technology and its potential; after all you're here on the Internet viewing this page. But to utilize technology in your business and actually make it pay off is another story.

To do that requires special consulting skills from people who've done it before, who can help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that come from trial and error. And you know there are some errors you just cannot afford. At Stewart Kleban and Associates Consulting we have the skills to concentrate on solving your business problems associated with entering new lines of business, new ventures or changing the way that you operate by utilizing new information technologies. Click here to review how our consultants background's can help you achieve your business goals. If your business requires consulting for:

business analysis and design,

business plan preparation,

product and market analysis and strategic planning,

organizational and departmental audits

or systems design, planning, implementation and management

our team of consultants can help. New technologies offer vast amounts of opportunity both to generate new revenues and reduce operating costs. But if they are just used as new ways to do old work, they simply will not produce the revenues or cost savings promised.

By using our consulting services, you get the specific skills and experience needed to avoid the problems and pitfalls associated with entering unfamiliar territory.  Our work is 100% unconditionally guaranteed. You agree, up front, what deliverables are expected at what cost and of course you don't pay until we deliver. Click here to check out our fee schedules, and we will be happy to meet and discuss specifics and costs for the entire project.

We will restate your situation into terms that you can understand to effectively gain control by applying our experience to:

documenting your problems, issues and desired outcomes
identifying the steps required to reach the outcome
producing the detailed: business plans and proposals;market plans;systems requirements; and business restructuring
publishing and presenting our mutual solution
managing the transition to a solution
delivering only high quality solutions acceptable to you
adhering to high ethical practices

We understand that it is important to do more than a "high quality" job. Our consultants are keenly aware that there are budget and time constraints, political sensitivities and the need to respond to critical problems immediately. When new products or ways of doing things face opposition, we develop strategies to deal effectively with the resistance. The job isn’t complete until you are satisfied. That is our guarantee.

It is a sound investment in your future, which always makes good business sense.


Stewart Kleban

Stewart Kleban and Associates is a Vancouver based consulting firm specializing in creative business analysis, planning and reengineering to help you get the maximum from your investment.

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