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Most of us as men are experts on women, until we marry one.  Experience can be rather humbling to our most treasured pre-conceptions.  As Mother’s Day approaches each 2nd Sunday of May, it challenges men to find appropriate gifts for both our mothers and the mothers of our children.  Flowers are, by far, the most popular gift on Mothers Day, followed by chocolates, candies, and other such delicacies.  But perhaps the most valuable and most dangerous gift that we can give the women in our lives is the gift of listening.  Heartfelt, non-critical listening is a rare phenomenon in our fast-paced, analytical culture. Listening takes time.  Listening takes energy. Listening takes courage.  To be honest, it often seems a lot easier just to give them chocolates.
Most of us as men know that we need to grow in the area of listening.  The most offensive thing about listening is how helpless it can make us feel.  Very few of us as men either like to feel weak or admit our weaknesses.  Despite the male consciousness-raising of the last 20 years, such radical vulnerability does not come easy.  I well remember the first year of our marriage as a great time.  My wife however has somewhat different memories...‘little things’ like our living on a shoe-string budget so that we could go on vacation in Europe, and my spending all my time studying for my Master’s Degree.  Years later, she finally told me that the first year wasn’t a bed of roses.  I said: "Why didn’t you tell me?" "Well, Ed", she said, "You weren’t listening".  Sadly, she was right.
Why is listening to our wives such a hard thing to do?  Click here to find out.

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