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Raymond William Stacy Burr was born on May 21, 1917 in New Westminster, BC. Raymond started in theatre in his late teens, as well as having other jobs to help the family and earn a living for himself. Joining the Armed Services during 1943, he was injured by shrapnel and discharged in 1946. After his movie role in the 1948 film "Pitfall", Raymond became stereotyped as a portrayer of vicious vindictive "villains". He went on to work in over 90 flicks in the next 11 years before landing the part of Perry Mason.

The original Perry Mason TV series first aired on CBS on September 21, 1957. The series was based on the famous "Perry Mason" books written by Erle Stanley Gardner. Raymond Burr played the remarkable attorney Perry Mason who never, except sort of once, lost a case. Running from September 1957 until May 1966, the series had 271 episodes, all but one filmed in black and white. Even in 1997, Perry Mason is being seen in endless reruns all around the world, and is even being promoted by numerous Internet WEB pages dedicated to Perry Mason.

As I thought about the enormous, lasting appeal of Perry Mason over the years, I realized that Perry Mason taps into that desire we all have for a father who is really willing to stick up for us. All of us need a father who will use his strength to protect and provide for his family.

Just what is it that still strikes a chord for so many millions about Perry Mason? Click to find out more...


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