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Another Coffee from the June 1993 Deep Cove Crier

Donít Wait to Tell Your Dad that You Love HimÖ.

Fatherís Day each June is a time when most of us look back on those special memories of times with our Dads.  I will always remember sitting in my Dadís swivel chair at his office, and getting to play with all of his electronic gadgets.  From Grade 3 to Grade 10, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was going to be an electrical engineer, just like my Dad.  I admired him very much, as he worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder.  My Dad would often take me to his workshop downstairs.  As I helped him cut 2-by-4ís, he would talk to me, just as if I were an adult, about all the projects he was working on around the world.  Every time he went around the world to exotic places like the Philippines or the Mideast, he would bring back coins and stamps for my growing collections.  I always loved going to the Vancouver Airport and waiting for my Dad to arrive.  It felt good to have Dad back home.  I remember sitting eagerly in the living room as Dad would open his suitcase and hand out special presents from far-away lands.  But even more than the presents, I loved to hear stories about these strange new worlds that my father had visited.

My Dad was not much for talking about his feelings, but he loved to share his enthusiasm for getting jobs done.   I have since learnt that my Dad communicated his feelings indirectly in numerous non-verbal actions.  Why is it that we so often misinterpret our fathers until it may be too late?  Click to find out moreÖ


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