24HR  A-1 AAA ABC Accurate Ace  Acme Action AllPro Alpha Best BestBuy Broadway Budget Busy City Classic Classy Consumer Continental Country Creative Custom Deluxe Discount Downtown Dynamic Elegant Essential EZ Fabulous Famous Fast Federal FiveStar Galaxy General Global Golden Grand Hallmark Happy Hollywood Honest Imperial Key Krazy Major Master Midtown Mom&Pop National NewWorld OK Old-time Omega Perfect Prime Pro Professional Quality Rainbow Regal Reliable Royal Safe Save-On Showcase Specialty Speedy Star Studio Stylish Student Super TipTop TopNotch Total Tru-Value Ultimate Unique United Universal Uptown Urban Wholesale
House of Mr. Arterama  Land & Dr. Cheese Sandwich World Dotcom


Action  Static Angst Cathartic Apollonian Dionysian Archetypal Stereotypical Artsy Fartsy Authentic Fake Avant-garde Retrograde Bad Nice Barbaric Civilized Base Nobel Black and White Chiaroscuro Bohemian Bourgeois Bonehead Connoisseur Canonical Heretical Charity Commodity Commercial Throwaway Concept Ambient Concrete Fantasy Critical Inclusive DaDa MaMa Discriminating Catch-all Deviate Conformist Earnest Parody Eclectic Unified Ephemeral Concrete Emotive Dull Epic Trite Erotic Celibate Essential Potboiler Ethnic Universal Expressionist Impressionist Fascist Anarchist Fauvist Monochrome Figurative Monumental Flat Fizzy Folk Urbane Formal Casual Gay Straight Historical Contemporary Icon Logo Ideal Compromise Inspirational Confrontational Kitsch Serious Listed Unknown Lowbrow Middlebrow Highbrow Macho Feminine Medieval Post Modern Mythic Inane Naïve Sophisticated Novel Conventional Obvious Obscure Outsider Insider Paradigm Adhoc  Polished Tawdry Pop Op Progressive Retrograde Pure Vulgar Racist Inclusive Representational  Abstract Sacred Profane Sentimental Edgy Serious Comic Subjective Objective Thrift Store Salon
Art Painting Sculpture Performance &  Sausage Making

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