We're only human. We step on people's toes, we hurt people's feelings, we make bad choices. Thank God, then, that God loves us through all our nonsense!

God broke into this world in the person of Jesus, born in a cattle stall all those years ago, because God loves us so much. Because God loved us first and continues to show his love for us in many ways, we want to respond in praise and service.

So, we get together every week to worship God.
Sunday morning at 9 am is our spirited traditional service with familiar liturgy and meaningful hymns. The 'Bridges' service is at 10:30 am on Sundays, with a fast pace, upbeat feel and weekly special features including personal interviews, video clips and short productions, dramas, etc. Pastor Steve Forbes speaks to us from the heart, to the heart, in love! After all, he's only human, too!

To contact us:

Phone: 604-584-0111
Fax: 604-584-0114
Email: trinitydelta@3web.net