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Loretta and a fish.

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New Brunswick.

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They were greeted with a great deal of appreciation by the various Schizophrenia Society chapters.

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And they got some press.

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Readying themselves...

blacks10-18.jpg (20886 bytes) continue their interview...

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...for TV.  Loretta and Marvin became press hounds on this tour.

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A nice close-up.

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Can you tell if he's moving?

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That gray head could be just another grandmother.  In fact, maybe it is.  In fact, who is it?

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They had to load their bikes and be transported across the Confederation Bridge.

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The Bridge itself.  They were really impressed with the view and size of the bridge, though none of the pictures seemed to do it justice.

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We finally caught Loretta on the bike.

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Leaving PEI on the ferry.

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And another rest.  Are there no action shots?

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There we go.  Some action.  Wait, his feet are touching the ground.  That's cheating!

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They can eat anything they want!

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Psyching up for the big hill ride?

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They lived in fear of Kelly's Mountain.  Everyone warned them -- watch out!

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And then they saw the elevation was over 7k.  Piece of cake.  Turned out to be a leisurely ride.  They actually enjoyed it!

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Lining up for the ferry to Newfoundland.

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Looks more like a putting green than a ferry!

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Sunset behind them as they head to Newfoundland.

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It was a big ferry.  The Joseph and Clara Smallwood.